At Dawson Street Child Care Co-operative we have four rooms where our educational programs are run. Our programs are influenced by:

The learning outcomes are

  1. Children have a strong sense of identity
  2. Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  3. Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  4. Children are confident and involved learners
  5. Children are effective communicators

Our educators seek feedback from families and our community. We incorporate this along with the children’s interests, intentional teaching and play based experiences into our programs. We believe that children learn through play and offering safe, inviting settings in which they are free to explore and experiment while having caring educators available to support the learning through hands on approach. We provide a wide variety of educational play experiences including messy play and natural yard areas where the children can discover the wonder of outside.

picture of lavender room

Lavender Room

Our babies’ room caters for 14 children per day. The age range can be from 12 weeks to 2½ years. We have five experienced educators. Two hold Diplomas in Children’s Services and 3 hold Certificate III in Children’s Services. We have a large room which allows us to provide and cater for the individual needs of our babies with a separate sleep room for naps, and their own outdoor area.

picture of daisy room

Poppy Room

We have 22 children in our 3½ to 5 year old room with with two Early Childhood Teachers and two Certificate III Educators.

Within this program we also run our kindergarten program for the children in the year before going to school. In Victoria each child is eligible for one full year of funded kindergarten the year before he or she starts school. To access this program, children need to have turned four before 30 April in the relevant year; however recent studies have shown that is it best for the children to be 5 before starting school so this is what we recommend. Our kindergarten teacher will liaise with you about school readiness and how your child is progressing to meet this milestone.

The philosophy in the Poppy Room is that children learn through play. It is the primary process through which children learn about themselves, their peers and the world around them. The centre provides an environment that promotes self-directed play opportunities: children are encouraged to choose their own experiences and are active participants in their own learning. A qualified kinder teacher provides the kinder program Monday to Friday for 5 hours each day. Children then access the long day care program outside of kinder hours, allowing parents the opportunity to work a full day.

picture of sunflower room

Sunflower Room

Our toddler room caters for children aged from 2 to 3½ years. We have 19 children with five educators. Two educators hold a Diploma in Children’s Services and three hold a Certificate III in Children’s Services. We provide a flexible, fun program with lots of natural and messy play.

All our programs cater for individual needs within the group care environment. We expect that children will stay in their allocated room for the whole year to build secure bonds with educators and develop positive relationships with peers. Children will transition during December for a positive start to the following year.