About Us

Who We Are

Dawson Street Children’s Co-operative is a 60-place long day care center situated in Brunswick. We offer education and kindergarten for children aged 12 weeks to 6 years. We are a parent-run, community not-for-profit organisation committed to providing quality programs for the families of the local community.

Centre Philosophy

We place children at the centre of our practice and believe that their voice has a right to be heard.

We assist children to develop a strong sense of self by offering an inclusive, caring, safe and stimulating environment where they are able to explore, play, imagine, have fun, create friendships and be challenged.

We value our diverse educators, their expertise and their ongoing professional development.

We recognise the various cultures and heritage that comprise our community and promote respectful relationships within it.

We believe in teaching our children about the natural world, respecting the environment and working towards developing sustainable practices that are environmentally responsible.

We value the contribution parents and carers make to our community and support them to fulfil their work, study and volunteer commitments.

As a co-operative centre we believe in sharing our knowledge and ideas with each other. We believe that good relationships between children, staff and families play a crucial role in the development and wellbeing of children. Effective partnerships with our families are based on good communication and strong trust and result in the delivery of a program that reflects the contribution of parents, educators, the community, and most importantly the children.

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