Tree Kinder Program

As part of our funded kindergarten program at Dawson Street we offer a program called ‘Tree Kinder’. This program is offered solely to children whose families elect to have their 4 year old kindergarten funding from the Government allocated to Dawson Street.
“Tree Kinder is based around the concept of Bush Kinder which comes from the Danish forest school movement in Europe which has shown benefits in connection with nature, resilience, risk taking, using imagination and creating opportunity”
During Tree Kinder sessions, children will be given the chance to engage in unstructured, free play. This gives children the opportunity to explore the environment at their own pace and uncover the many wonders of being in the outdoors. Children will be guided by intentional teaching strategies during their time at Tree Kinder, this includes the educators intentionally discussing or demonstrating concepts and ideas with the children. The children will also be encouraged to investigate, discover, explore and hypothesize on their own to encourage self led learning and investigation.