Outdoor / Sports Program

Outdoor Program


At DSCC, we hold a strong belief in the vast opportunities for discovery and learning that a quality outdoor environment provides. We place a huge amount of value in our outdoor program just as much as our indoor programs.  Outdoor experiences offer children invaluable opportunities to explore, discover, and appreciate the natural environment. Moreover, outdoor play encourages physical activity, strengthens fine and gross motor skills, pushes physical boundaries, and embraces the joy of getting messy.


We have an assigned a dedicated Outdoor Educator to work in this space, oversee the outdoor curriculum and support the children’s individual education and development. The outdoor teacher oversees all outdoor spaces and develops these programs and spaces in collaboration with our educators.


Sports Program


As part of our funded kindergarten program at Dawson Street we offer a program called ‘Sports Club’. This program is open to every child and focuses solely on engaging them in play based day to day learning activities. We believe sport and yoga has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire and unite people. We are wholeheartedly committed to the knowledge that sports and yoga develops lifelong skills in children. We have a dedicated staff member who has expertise in this area working to deliver this program weekly. We also incorporate and promote the Indigenous Games along with our other sports activities. We promote diversity into our various range of sports learning and exposure to the children by introducing all sports from various countries.


Our center teaches children 1 – 6 years old, the skills, technique, and fundamentals of sport and yoga. Balance, throwing, kicking, coordination, running, self-control, right down to the precise motion and technique. Incorporating reflective learning of colours, shapes, numbers and letters through exciting games and guided exercises.


All teachers are actively involved and participate in the class to role model, co-teach, and bond with children as they learn new skills and develop existing physical, cognitive, and communication skills through sports and yoga.