Think Equal Pilot Program

Think Equal Pilot Program

Dawson Street is very excited to be a part of The Think Equal Pilot Program run by Yale University’s Center for Emotional Intelligence in the USA. Think Equal is currently being trilled in 12 other countries (including Canada and Singapore).

The Think Equal Programme (TEP)  is an early-years Social and Emotional Learning programme. It was developed to bring about a system change in education by bringing a new subject and a new dimension to Early Years Education. The Programme teaches children core values of empathy, compassion and respect (for people, animals and the environment alike) and key competencies and skills such as critical thinking, self-regulation and peaceful conflict resolution. It aims to ensure children are nurtured with a foundation of ‘life skills’ and personal, social and emotional competencies, to enable positive outcomes through their lives.

Social and emotional learning (SEL) helps children through their Early Childhood Education, to learn the skills to succeed in every aspect of school and builds a strong foundation for success fir the rest of their lives.

Children learn, for example, to:

  • Manage their own emotions and impulsive behaviors
  • Build their confidence and self esteem
  • Have empathy and show consideration for others
  • Solve problems effectively and learn to resolve conflicts peacefully
  • Build critical thinking skills and make responsible decisions
  • Maintain healthy relationships and learn to collaborate